Play it Next

Queue up songs, without stopping the song that's already playing

Play it Next is the feature Apple missed

Play it Next is different to other queue players on the App Store because it's designed to work along side Apple's Music app. We really like the Music app and wouldn't want to replace it. That's why we believe using Play it Next is a great solution.

Simply open Play it Next when you're listening to a song on your iPhone's Music app and choose the songs you want to play next.

  • Load and continue playing the song that is playing in your iPhone/iPod touch Music app
  • Queue up songs to play next
  • Swipe to remove songs from the queue
  • Skip songs if you've heard enough
  • Let your friends know what you're listening to on Twitter and Facebook

What People are Saying

"...I like to browse through my song library and add songs to a queue then lean back and enjoy without having to create a new playlist. I have been looking for this feature for a long time and this app does it perfectly…"


"Great app, didn't know I needed this feature until I found it! Wish iTunes had it built in. Recommended!"


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